Gesell Institute's Community Early Childhood LEADership E-Kit

"The measure of a society is its reverence for children." – Dr. Arnold Gesell

Make a DIFFERENCE in a Child's Life Today

What is the LEADership E-Kit?

The E-Kit is a compilation of materials both from Gesell's 2010 Early Childhood LEADership Conference and a variety of other sources. It serves as Gesell Institute of Child Development's contribution to a national conversation on school reform that starts with early childhood education. There is a crisis in education, and a solution is providing quality early childhood education and programs that prevent both academic and social problems, and return on the investment (ROI) at a rate of up to 14%.

Gesell Institute is taking a leadership role in advocating for more play-based and balanced learning curriculums based on research. We understand that test scores need to be raised, but let us show you how to raise them the right way! There is no research to support the teaching method of "drilling and killing" of facts for the purpose of taking tests.

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This interactive web-based E-Kit contains:

  • LEAD Conference keynote speeches and panel presentations (audio and transcriptions)
  • Original thought papers from conference speakers and panelists
  • 30-minute video, "Raising Test Scores the Right Way!"
  • Tool Kit with sample customizable PPT's, invitation letters, and checklists for the "how-to's" of starting reform in your community

This valuable resource will offer viewers the encouragement and tools they'll need to:

  • Begin their own community conversations about education reform
  • Hold discussions about implementing quality early childhood programs
  • Understand child development and the best practices found in research

Our key demographics are Educators, Parents, and Policy Makers. This E-Kit has customized features for each, but everyone is welcome to watch and be inspired!

Gesell Institute is pleased to provide you with free online access to the E-Kit. We ask that you provide your name and email address so we can keep you informed of any updates to this site, or news regarding the Institute and our advocacy for children.

Use the E-Kit to stand up and have a voice!